The Lightning, a 19-foot trailerable centerboard sloop, designed by Sparkman & Stephens as an affordable family day sailor and racing boat. She has evolved into one of the most popular and competitive one-design racing classes in the world. The Lightning's rig is simple, but offers sophisticated sail shape controls. The hull features a unique hard chine design that combines the stability that provides sail-carrying power, with flat bottom sections that promote planing. There's room in the cockpit for two couples or a family to daysail. The Lightning is easy to launch and light enough to trailer with ease. In the event of a capsize, she can be righted and sailed dry by her crew. Get "The Best of Both Worlds." Get into a Lightning!
District Last Test Short 01/1/09-01/4/09
Jazy Egy Special 01/1/09-01/6/09
Other Test2 01/1/09-01/10/09
Other Last Test 01/1/09-01/4/09
Other Test Short 01/1/09-01/3/09
Test2 01/1/09-01/2/09
District Test 01/1/09-01/2/09
Test6 01/1/09-01/2/09
Real Form Regatta 01/1/09-01/4/09
Sherryl Egy Brighton Championship 01/20/09-01/25/09
Test5 02/1/09-02/2/09
Test3 02/1/09-02/2/09
Test9 02/1/09-02/2/09
Test4 03/1/09-03/2/09
Deep South Regatta 03/14/09-03/15/09
Miami Midwinter Champioship 03/17/09-03/18/09
Winter Championship Regatta 03/20/09-03/22/09
2009 California Circuit 03/28/09-04/1/09
test 04/1/09-04/2/09
Test1 Regatta 04/1/09-04/2/09
Test Regatta 04/1/09-04/2/09
Test4 04/1/09-04/2/09
Test Title1 04/2/09
Springboard Regatta 04/4/09-04/5/09
Brazilian National Qualifying Regatta 04/17/09-04/21/09
Mid-Continent Regatta 04/24/09-04/26/09
Long John 48 04/26/09-04/27/09
Southern District Championship 05/2/09-05/3/09
Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup 05/2/09-05/3/09
Hernando De Soto Regatta 05/16/09-05/17/09
US Championship 06/1/09-06/3/09
Area Test 06/2/09-06/6/09
Area Test 06/2/09-06/6/09
Area Test 06/2/09-06/6/09
Spring Regatta - MBBC Lake Champlain 06/6/09-06/7/09
Texas District Championship 06/12/09-06/14/09
Metropolitan District Championship 06/12/09-06/14/09
Brant Beach Annual Regatta 06/12/09
Lake Erie Districts 06/20/09-06/21/09
Dave Fitch Memorial 06/27/09-06/28/09
Euro Championship & Italian Championship 06/27/09-07/3/09
World Regatta Short 07/2/09-07/4/09
NA Women's, Juniors', Masters' 07/4/09-07/7/09
New England WJMs District Championship 07/10/09
Central Atlantic District Regatta 07/10/09-07/12/09
2009 Canadian Open Championship 07/11/09-07/12/09
New England District Championship 07/11/09-07/12/09
New Jersey State Championship 07/18/09
Long Island District Championship 07/18/09
Atlantic Coast Championship 07/25/09-07/26/09
Pacific Northwest District Championship 08/1/09-08/4/09
2009 BCC Youth Invite Championship 08/1/09-08/2/09
Pacific Northwest District Championship 08/1/09-08/4/09
Worlds Short 08/3/09-08/7/09
Worlds Short 08/3/09-08/7/09
Worlds Short 08/3/09-08/7/09
North American Championship 08/8/09-08/13/09
Newburyport One Day Regatta 08/8/09
ILCA World Championship 08/20/09
District Test 09/1/09-09/4/09
North American Championship 09/2/09-09/6/09
Hospitality Regatta 10/10/09-10/11/09
Turkey Day Regatta 11/21/09-11/22/09
Sugar Bowl Regatta 12/26/09-12/27/09

9/9 International Masters Championship
Malletts Bay Boat Club-Fleet 301/Colchester, Vermont
  1. Peter Hall, Jay Deakin, Ched Proctor
  2. Bill Mauk, Vladimir Kulichenko, Michelle Sumpton
  3. James Crane, Brenda Crane, Tom Allen Jr.
8/291st Annual Lake Delta YC Lightning Regatta
Lake Delta YC, Fleet 4, Rome, New York
  1. Dan Pope, John Bloom, Logan McReynolds
  2. Richard Hallagan, Mike Carney, Ryan Palm
  3. Jack Jones, Lori Foster, Tom Doran
8/29 Wood Boats
  1. Craig Thayer, Brian Colvin, Tim Rupprecht
  2. Eric Ringdahl, Bob Reynolds, Cindy Reynolds
  3. Jamo Jones, Mike Waters, Joel Gallagher
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